High Quality Microwavable PP Plastic Container Lunch Box With Lid.

Food grade PP material: made of food grade PP material, can directly contact with food.

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Transparent plastic sauce box




3g 4.5g 5.5g


30ml 75ml 100ml


Eco-Friendly, Stocked, Disposable, with lids 


Transparent or customized


Microwavable and frozen, Freshness Preservation


Can be customized




Spoon, spork, knife, soupspoon, fork, napkint kit all are avaiable


Food Packaging, Preservation, Kitchen Picnic, Restaurant

1. Food grade PP material
Made of food grade PP material, can directly contact with food.

Food grade PP material

2. Leak-proof
UConcave groove design, good sealing performance, no leakage.

3. Thickened material
Good flexibility, not easily damaged.

Disposable plastic round sauce cup is mainly used for take-away food package and food storage, such as rice, vegetables, soup , fruits, sauce, nuts, snacks, etc. Disposable transparent plastic sauce cup is widely used in restaurants, fast food restaurants , fruit shops, snack bars, supermarkets etc.

Food grade PP material3

Our advantages

Food grade PP material4

* Microwave Safe

* Freezer Safe

* Top-notch food grade PP material

* Safe (BPA-Free)

* Thick design, good pressure resistance and flexibility

* Can be customized according to your needs

* Free samples are available

We have more than 300 kinds of disposable food packing container in different sizes and colors to meet your demands.

Please send inquiry to contact us, to get better prices !

Food grade PP material5


Food grade PP material6

Packaging & shipping

Food grade PP material7
Food grade PP material8
Food grade PP material9

At present, most disposable plastic tableware in the market is made of PP (polypropylene). This kind of material has relatively high safety and good thermal stability. Its melting point is as high as 200 ℃, which will not change in the high temperature of microwave oven. Other plastics may melt and decompose at high temperature, and may also release toxic substances, It is harmful to human health. Therefore, only No.5 PP plastic can be put into the microwave oven for heating.

To avoid using no "ID card" plastic products, especially such a lunch box, but also to refuse.
There is no QS identification and number, the surface of the lunch box is not smooth, with impurities or spots.
Generally speaking, transparent plastic lunch boxes are made of pure polypropylene (PP), with high safety factor; Brightly colored lunch boxes may use waste plastics, so the darker the color, the less safe it is.

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