Comparison between disposable tableware and common porcelain tableware

One advantage of disposable tableware compared with ordinary porcelain tableware is that it is easy to deliver and can be comprehensively recycled when used up. Disposable tableware is relatively light and many are not afraid of falling, so it can be delivered with packaging bags, without cash flow baskets, car trunk, electric tricycle and minivan.

In the whole process of reusing and finishing disposable tableware, there is no need to worry about being broken. When finishing, the catering staff can immediately throw it into the storage and finishing bucket. They don't have to worry about handling it with care, and it's not easy to break it again, which greatly improves the work efficiency of the restaurant.

Compared with the previous manufacturers, most of them are reliable manufacturers of disposable tableware. They ensure that they can carry out production and manufacturing on the basis of food hygiene and safety, low-carbon and environmental protection, and have abundant sources of goods to ensure the first-hand supply of disposable tableware distributors. And goods in the whole process of production, manufacturing and packaging are in line with the sterile test.

Disposable tableware also followed in people's lives, disposable tableware in life to bring us what benefits?

First, in the restaurant with disposable tableware, very sanitary, do not use back and forth use of tableware.

Second, in fact, disposable tableware is also environmentally friendly tableware, because it is recyclable and can be used to make some industrial products after use.

Comparison between disposable tableware and common porcelain tableware

Third, the biggest feature is hygiene, which can be used not only in restaurants, but also in hospitals, because hospitals use more disposable tableware, and it is the most common; fourth, for some restaurants, the use of disposable tableware is not only a health problem, but also a better choice for some restaurants which are not skilled in washing technology. Fifthly, saving manpower is because the one-time appearance can save time and manpower for some restaurants, which is very beneficial.

Comparison between disposable tableware and common porcelain tableware1

Disposable tableware is made of environment-friendly food grade PP material, precision injection molding equipment, and sterilized by ultraviolet rays. It is now widely used in the catering industry, supermarkets and families. It has the potential to replace the traditional circular disinfection tableware. Although tableware is small, it is widely used. It has formed a mature market. Aviation tableware based on the concept of environmental protection tableware is gradually replacing and filling the market gap. The used products can be recycled, granulated and sold, and the aviation tableware market is unlimited.

Post time: Apr-19-2021