Disposable plastic bowl’s Benefits

All restaurants and fast food restaurants in the market are using disposable plastic cups, because the use of disposable plastic cups is convenient and hygienic.

Just think about it, there are a large number of diners in the restaurant every day, but there are only a few people in the restaurant. How can they have so much time to wash the tableware one by one, let alone disinfect them one by one? If the infectious bacteria are not disinfected by high temperature, they can't be killed at all. If they don't pay attention, they will be infected, and they don't know.

Therefore, disposable plastic cups have become substitutes for tableware in many restaurants. Disposable products, do not reuse, can effectively eliminate the cross infection of infectious diseases by dirty tableware, prevent the disease from the mouth! In today's society, it has become a disposable plastic tableware in the fast food industry, and it is also widely welcomed by young people.

Because it is convenient and fast, it can eliminate many bacteria and germs infection caused by improper cleaning of tableware. It also avoids the inconvenience caused by the disinfection tableware machine. Disposable, convenient and hygienic. Avoid many unqualified products produced by unqualified manufacturers. Choose the disposable plastic cup, disposable plastic bowl, disposable plastic cup and straw produced by regular manufacturers. Now is a high-speed development, fast-paced era of life, so disposable plastic.

The development of catering industry is considerable.

Are PP disposable lunch boxes healthy and environmentally friendly?
First of all, the real PP plastic itself is a healthy, environmentally friendly material. PP is a kind of plastic, scientific name is polypropylene. It is a kind of linear polymer with high density, no side chain and high crystallinity.

Disposable plastic bowl’s Benefits

PP has good properties such as melting resistance, oil resistance, weak acid resistance, weak alkali resistance, high creep resistance and stress relaxation ability, excellent wear resistance, self lubrication, fatigue resistance and so on. If the cup made of polypropylene is non-toxic, the processing temperature (℃) is 180 ~ 240. So boiling water, food high temperature will not decompose it.

Disposable plastic bowl's Benefits1

According to the survey, the so-called PP plastic disposable lunch boxes on the market are not all real PP materials. The reporter walked into a wholesale plastic lunch box store and saw all kinds of PP lunch boxes. After inquiry, he found that there was a big price gap. After investigating the reasons, the boss gave such an explanation: "first, the manufacturers are different, and the price of the brand is different from that of the brand. Moreover, some lunch boxes written with PP materials are not PP materials, or some materials are PP, and some all use PS or PP PVC is used in some parts, so the price will be different. " The boss also said that if you use it yourself, you can choose a brand with complete signs. Of course, the price is also higher.

In the face of uneven quality of PP disposable lunch box, summed up a few easy to distinguish tips. First of all, the material can be judged by some senses, such as whether there is a peculiar smell when smelling, and whether the handle is smooth and stiff when touching. The real PP disposable lunch box is smooth, stiff and odorless. If there is an obvious "plastic smell" and it is very soft, it is not recommended to use it.

In addition, with open fire on the material combustion, there is black dust like PVC or PS, and PP is not.

Finally, if you really don't know how to distinguish, the most direct way is to choose a big brand disposable lunch box with complete logo. There is an inverted triangle at the bottom of the lunch box, which will accurately describe the manufacturing materials.

I believe that with these tips, when using disposable lunch boxes, you can pay more attention to choose healthy and environmentally friendly PP disposable lunch boxes.

Post time: Apr-16-2021